[Job] Founder for an India-based Operations Consultancy

[Job] Founder for an India-based Operations Consultancy

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Vaidehi Agarwalla and Jayasimha Nugehalli, members of the Effective Altruism India community, are seeking a founder for a social venture accelerator in India.

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About the Consultancy

The aim of this organisation would be to accelerate the impact of new and existing social ventures from a range of effective altruism-aligned causes in India by providing operational services to allow organisations to focus on their programmatic work.

You will found and run the organisation with seed funding for the first year of operations from the EA Infrastructure Fund. Your work will cover domains such as payroll, compliance, finance, accounting, HR and infrastructure for supported projects. You will be instrumental to developing the initial strategy, establishing relationships with partner charities and exploring more opportunities for impact. You will handle workstreams involving multiple entities in different countries. You will encounter novel problems and need to coordinate with different stakeholders to solve these problems.

You will empower organisations to hire, onboard, manage and pay for staff and operations in India quickly and efficiently, reducing the cost of starting programs in India and creating a sandbox that allows for cheaper experimentation in India.

The idea for this organisation was developed through researching bottlenecks for current and potential new EA organisations operating in India. You can learn more about our top reasons here.

We’re seeking a founder who can evaluate the current landscape, find the places where they can add the most value and, if sucessful, scale up their support to help boost these programs. You’ll be guided by senior EAs who’ve spent decades operating in India.

If successful, this model could be replicated in other countries and help accelerate starting new projects around the world.

About the role

The role requires a person who is highly organised, proactive and entrepreneurial, with a background in audit who has excellent problem-solving skills, high attention to detail and the ability to quickly and effectively seek, absorb and process information for decision-making.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Setup the legal entities and onboarding process for new projects
  • Develop partnerships with accounting and legal firms to support the project
  • Develop a sustainable financing model for the sandbox
  • Provide operational services to supported projects & the sandbox itself
  • Conduct a 1 year pilot of the sandbox program with seed funding
  • Onboard new projects into the program and manage their end-to-end payroll and accounting needs
  • Outsource and manage the payroll, accounting, auditing & compliance needs of all supported projects

The exact services of the organisation may vary depending on the founders’ relative strengths.

You will report to an international Board of Directors which would include experienced members of the Effective Altruism community in India and abroad.

Location: Candidates will need to be willing to relocate to India. The exact location within India would be flexible, but we expect it would be to a city with an existing EA community such as New Delhi or Mumbai.

Salary: 14-20 Lakhs INR per annum commensurate with experience, with some flexibility for more experienced or exceptional candidates.

Application deadline: April 30th 2021

About you

We think that people who are considering charity entrepreneurship would be excellent candidates for this position.

  • Ambitiously altruistic, results-oriented and able to prioritise
  • Highly organised, proactive, self-motivated and conscientious
  • Good problem-solving & communications skills
  • Excellent attention to detail, aware of risks and able to manage sensitive information
  • Resilient to uncertain or ambiguous situations
  • Open-minded and not afraid to admit mistakes
  • Familiarity with Indian tax and/or legal system (Ideally, a trained chartered accountant or lawyer)

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We expect the application form to take about 15-20 minutes to complete. If you're not sure about applying because you don't know if you're qualified, we encourage you to apply anyways - we expect to speak to many applicants who apply for this position.

If you have any questions about this job posting, please email Vaidehi Agarwalla (vaidehiagarwalla@gmail.com).

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