Application Process

No prior preparation is required for any step of the process.

  1. Application Review: We review your job application & resume
  2. Initial Screen: A quick call to get to know each other, discuss the role, your past experience, and cover logistics. (30 minutes.)
  3. Work Test #1: A written work test where we will ask you to answer a few hypothetical scenarios. (60 minutes compensated via a $50 USD honararium)
  4. Work Test #2: We would present with a realistic problem that needs to be solved to set up the organisation, and ask you to create an action plan for how you’d go about solving it. (3 hours, compensated via a $150 USD honorarium)
  5. *Optional* brief video call to answer whatever questions you have remaining about our application process or the role.
  6. Video Interview: A 60 minute interview with Vaidehi and Jayasimha (60 minutes)
  7. Reference Check: We will ask for the contact information for two references with ideally at least one:
    1. 1 professional reference from at least one manager
    2. 1 reference (ideally from the EA community) who you have previously worked with (this can be the same as the manager)
  8. Trial Week: Some candidates may be asked to complete a part-time 10 hour trial week if we believe it would help us make a better decision on your application. (10 hours compensated via a $500 USD honorarium).
  9. Offer: We will make final offers to candidate(s) who seem like the best fit for this position to start working on this project, with a review period with the Board of Directors after 1 month, and 3 months.

We will aim to get through this process in about 2-3 weeks but this may be delayed. If you have a shorter timeline for making decisions, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate that.