[Job] Project Lead for Pineapple Operations

As lots of new EA projects startup, there is a need for quick hiring of generalist talent for a variety of full- and part-time roles. Many technical projects and founders in particular lack the time and expertise to invest in talent searches.

We’ve made this problem simpler by launching an operations database - Pineapple Operations. We think it is promising to expand by experimenting with outsourcing various pieces of the recruitment pipe - including potentially developing a common application and screening canddiates to create a shortlisted pool of the top talent.

About the role

  • Experimenting with new ways to streamline recruitment in EA
  • Developing outreach channels to build the candidate database
  • Maintaining & updating a database of candidates
  • Tracking candidate placement into roles at orgs & projects
  • Publicize existence of the database through personalized outreach to employers
  • This will be a paid role, we plan to apply for funding for this project before starting it.

About you

  • You are relentlessly resourceful
  • Open to rapidly prototyping products
  • Have client-facing skills
  • Can learn new tools quickly (or a whiz at Airtable/Notion sites)
  • Willing to do outreach through a variety of channels
  • Experience with recruiting and/or a few years of operations work
  • Passionate about solving the operations bottlenecks in EA

Please message me your resume and availability.