Hi there!
Hi there!

Hi there!

I’m Vaidehi. I’m the Product Manager at Momentum, currently based in the Bay Area. I advise EA community builders in India and Singapore and work on meta operations projects in the EA community (like Pineapple Operations). I made this website so it’s easy to find projects I’m working on and reach out if you’re interested in learning more or collaborating!

I write about movement bulding strategy on the EA Forum and have recently discovered Twitter 🐦.

This website is a work in progress and contains rough thoughts - please contact me if things seem wrong or you’d like some clarification 🙂

💼Projects & Opportunities

The following is a list of opportunities that I am directly involved in in some capacity and that I’m pretty excited about.

🍃Effective Environmentalism Community Building & Fellowship Curriculum design

Bay Area Community - How to Get Involved
[Job] Founder for an India-based Operations Consultancy
Ideas I want Red Teamed
🧑🏽‍💻 Internship - EA career advice for Tech Professionals (with High Impact Professionals)

Logistics: Summer 2022, flexible start and end dates. The project should take about 3 months end-to-end but about 1 month of full-time work total.

Help research and write a series of career advice posts on how someone in a big tech company can have an impact! Similar to this post created by the EACN (and me)

If you’re interested, contact me or Training for Good!

I have a list of community building projects I think are pretty promising but not ready for public consumption, reach out and I’m happy to share the list.

Things I’m currently excited by and exploring

  • Incorporating epistemics and better thinking into outreach programs - send me activity ideas!
  • EA movement building in India / Asia

📽️Past Projects & Roles

💡Product Manager @ EA Hub

Local Career Advice Network

🇸🇬 Community Building in Haverford College, Philadelphia & Singapore

📜My Background

I have been doing effective altruism community building since 2018 with a focus on careers advice and EA infrastructure. I’m am excited about making sure that EA grows in sustainably and efficiently.

I have worked in boutique consulting, marketing, sales & recruitment in tech in software implementation, operations and marketing roles.

I studied Sociology at Haverford College (class of 2019). I wrote my BA thesis on social movements during the collapse of the Soviet Union. I’m originally from Singapore.

Contact Me


🐤 Twitter

[Job] Project Lead for Pineapple Operations