Tips on High Impact Job Hunting

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How to find Jobs


Finding Jobs

Groups which help job seekers

Mission Collaborative Mission Collaborative is a startup nonprofit in the US that helps people with career change. They have done some intro/promo events for other networking groups.

EA Orgs Hiring/Application Process

Write-ups on the hiring process of various EA organisations. Can give insights on specific organisations, but also hiring processes more generally. Not that some EA organisations may have very different hiring processes than those described below.

Advice from Sofia Davis Fogel (Mercy for Animals):

“My non-EA resume doesn't include the EA talks I've given, because there are a lot of them (it's my entire "speaking engagements" section) and so I think it reveals that my career focus is in something the average reader of that resume doesn't know about/understand. It still includes all my roles at EA or EA-adjacent orgs though, since those look normal to an outside audience I think. Also, not sure if this is relevant since I don't put references directly on my resume, but my references for EA job apps and non-EA job apps are (mostly) different.”

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