Career Club (EA Sweden)

EA Sweden national group

  • People: 1.3 FTE + volunteers
  • Role: coordinating organisation between local groups, career coaching and resource creation
  • Events: Intro and advanced EA courses, Career Club, 1-1 career and intro coaching

Career Club


  • Application process
  • Cohorts of 10-20 people
  • A 8 week fellowship with 4 in-person sessions on alternating weeks. See slides
    • Cause prioritisation
    • Choices and expanding peoples’ vision of career possibilities
    • Career planning round 1
    • Career planning round 2
  • Complement the event with follow-up career 1-1s

Important features

  • Success of events depends on quality of hosts AND participants
    • Hosts should have good knowledge of causes and career coaching
    • Pay attention to marketing, you need a wide enough net to get good participants

Impact Coaching


  • Finding people through marketing efforts and offering them 1-1 coaching
  • Marketing person who works with EA Sweden helps with this

Important features

  • Good to filter those with no experience in EA to do intro 1-1s vs those with some background for career 1-1s
  • Gabby does career coaching, volunteers do intro 1-1s