This is a WIP page with things I like to use

Tools & Products

  • Learning slack shortcuts (tldr, just start using CTRL/CMD + K to jump to channels and DMs)
  • Vimium (Chrome shortcuts) - remember to remove sites which already have good ones
  • Superhuman - expensive but makes me not hate my email which is kind of huge. Great UX/UI - good product learnings.
  • Ublock Origin - blocks all ads (i was told it’s the most “light-weight” one but who knows)
  • Soundproof earphones (I didn’t realise how much noise bothers me, especially during travel. Even a $35 pair (1More refurbs) were great - would recommend for testing purposes)
  • Comfortable sleeping mask ($16) - for travel, but also just when you’re out and need to block stimulus (e.g. a conference) (thanks peter)
  • Always carrying a good powerbank (no clue what brand) with several charges in it
  • Smartwatch that buzzes me when I have a meeting
  • Notion + for quick, cheap websites (e.g. this site)
  • Airtable for pretty embeddable tables (e.g.

Random things I’ve done that have made my life better

  • Preload 50+ nonfiction & fiction books into my kobo (ereader)
    • Problem: still don’t always want to read what’s in there. but it’s worked a few times!
  • Set up a charging station with enough wires for every electronic I own if I need to charge them
  • Having a second set of [toiletries / charging wires / water bottles etc.] in the office, travel case or sports bag
    • Saves time
    • Less likely to forget stuff
  • Beeper / Texts for managing all the inbound text streams

Things I should use/do but haven’t gotten around to setting up just yet

Things I’ve not figured out good systems for (inputs welcome!)

  • Personal CRM
  • Second Brain (currently a mix of Notion and rarely Roam)